CANADIAN TIRE Adds Canadian Paralymic To Jump Start

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Canadian Tire Includes the Canadian Paralympic Committee in its Partnership Agreement


Canadian Tire has for many years played a major role in sports fundraising, particularly with their charity program, “Jump Start|”,┬áthat helps under privileged children acquire the necessary equipment that their families cannot afford, as well as assistance with the travel costs and fees associated with sports, so that they may also be given the opportunity to play, and as of Jan. 23, 2013 they have signed an eight-year agreement as a Premier National Partner of the Canadian Olympic Team that includes the Canadian Paralympic Committee, which altogether represents the largest commitment of its kind to amateur sports in Canada. This is a momentous occasion for people with disabilities that are interested in or active in playing sports, as well as for the disabled community in general; the consideration and inclusion of persons with disabilities in areas of life that would normally not be ”disabled friendly” is always something to celebrate. As times change and businesses, as well as society as a whole is being encouraged to broaden the horizon for those who previously did not have the opportunity to participate in the majority of what is available to able-bodied people, more options and alternatives are becoming available so that they may be included in the activity. It is important as a society to develop and mature so that equality can be a general mindset, and having the Paralympic Committee endorsed by a major corporation like Canadian Tire not only helps legitimize disabled sports in the eyes of the country, perhaps even globally, but it also encourages the needs of the disabled community to be recognized as a serious matter, and their wants to be considered and met. A thumbs-up and appreciative thank you to Canadian Tire for taking a big step in the direction of making the lives of those with physical disabilities a little easier and better!


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