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Travel season is quickly approaching! Here is a compilation of travel tips, great resources and inspiration. Have a great trip!

Plan Ahead

With events like the Pan Am/ParaPan Am Games happening this summer be sure to book van rentals and hotels early to ensure availability.

Some airlines will require a “fit to travel certificate” from your doctor, and a letter to say you are taking specific drugs. The letter from your doctor may come in handy if you are stopped by customs as well if you are on powerful medication.

Do you have pneumatic tires? Bring along a repair kit

Try to book a seat with extra leg room, behind the bulkhead, as it makes transferring/lifting into your seat a lot easier.


Do your research

First time travelers this is an amazing article to start with!

A great resource dedicated to providing information about accessible travel is –

Accessible Hotels and Restaurants in Toronto

Check out our blog post for accessible TTC stops –


Don’t be afraid to ask questions or inform personnel what you need

Whether it’s while making reservations ahead of time confirming door widths, type of shower or in the moment like asking to “gate check” your wheelchair (this means you can use your wheelchair up until boarding the plane where you will either walk to your seat or transfer into an “aisle chair” for assistance to your seat).



Finding things to do that are wheelchair accessible can be a bit tricky and overwhelming sometimes. We can start you off with a list of some accessible events and places Toronto has to offer.

Special Events

Everyday Fun











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