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The All-Inclusive Family Vacation

February by

It’s that time of year when winter is dragging on and we dream of heading south.  A tropical all-inclusive paradise would be nice – just pack the bags and go.  For some of us though, “all-inclusive” means something different when there are special needs to be arranged.  Where do you dream of going on a […]

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Embracing Winter

Winter: do you love it or loathe it?  Snowy days and frosty nights make us want to curl up and stay inside.  The weather can put a strain on our physical and mental well-being.  A lot of us get the January Blues: low energy, restlessness, and grumpy or sad moods.  To beat the winter blahs […]

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Holiday Cheer!

December by
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Hurray!  After weeks of planning for the big holiday, everything’s perfect.  It’s going your way. Your guests have arrived and you go to the door. Are you sure you covered everything?  Isn’t there just one thing more? If this sounds familiar, it was an ad on TV: the Christmas commercial from Zellers in the 90s. […]

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Getting Around the Holiday Hoopla

November by
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Santa Claus has come to town and the countdown to December 25th has begun.  There’s the shopping, baking, decorating, and the travel plans too.  Getting things done can seem overwhelming: big crowds, short fuses, and long to-do-lists.  Where is the comfort and joy in the Christmas rush?  […]

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Moving Forward After a Loss

October by
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What happens after losing a loved one, the person at the centre of our life?  We mourn, we reflect, and somehow we move on, propped up by the support of others and an inner strength we never knew we had. For John and Wendy Hillier, their daughter-in-law Corinne Foucault was more than the centre of […]

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Now Playing: Disability

September by
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It’s red carpet season!  Time for television and film studios to roll out their new product line.  Have you noticed a theme in the 2017 fall launch?  Disability has a starring role in several movies that premiered recently at the Toronto International Film Festival: “Stronger”, “Breathe” and “The Upside”, to name a few.  On the […]

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Summer Staycation

August by

What are your vacation plans?  According to an article by MoneySense, more than half of Canadians are planning to stay home on their vacation this summer.  With so many Canada 150 events happening right now, it’s a great time to be a tourist at home and rediscover the natural beauty, history, arts and culture in […]

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Accessing Happiness and the Great Outdoors

Is the rain dampening your spirits?  Weather can affect our mood, but did you know that our exposure to nature is connected to happiness?  So maybe it’s not the rain but being cooped up inside that makes us feel blue.  In her latest book, “The Nature Fix”, Florence Williams talks about the science behind nature’s […]

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Happy Canada 150

Canada’s biggest birthday party is just a couple of weeks away.  Celebrations are planned across the nation from backyard barbecues to Parliament Hill.  How are you going to mark this special occasion? Are you planning to visit Ottawa and attend the show at Parliament Hill?  The capital always puts on a great big birthday bash […]

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Doors Open… and Accessible

Spring is here and it’s time to get out and see the sites!  Doors Open 2017 is taking place in select communities in Ontario in May and June.  The annual event celebrates historic, cultural and architecturally significant sites throughout the province.  It’s free and best of all, many buildings are wheelchair accessible.  Check out these upcoming […]

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