Being Mindful About Wheelchair Safety

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The everyday life of someone in a wheelchair is unique. With this uniqueness comes a responsibility to be aware of wheelchair safety. Whether you use a wheelchair or travel with a loved one in a wheelchair, mindfulness on safety is very important for the person in the wheelchair as well as those around them.

There are important safety measures that always need to be taken when a person is in a wheelchair. Being aware of these tips will ensure you and those around you are safe and help you enjoy complete independence.

Wheelchair Transportation Safety is equally important when traveling in handicap accessible vans or other vehicles. A wheelchair should have a transport safe tag in place. This kind of label assures you and the driver that your wheelchair has gone through numerous crash tests. While in transit in your own or accessible van rental, wheelchair users must utilize a tie-down system to fasten their wheelchair to the floor of the vehicle. An occupant restraint system must also be used to reduce the risk of potential harm.

Wheelchair In Motion van rentals in Mississauga are a great way to try out a handicap accessible van if you don’t own the right vehicle. The more practice you have using all the necessary safety features during wheelchair transit, the safer and more comfortable you will become.

Additional tips for wheelchair safety are:

  • Check the wheels regularly to ensure there are no flat or loose tires that may impact braking ability.
  • Have the brakes checked often to be sure they still lock tightly. Always lock your brakes before transferring your wheelchair.
  • Don’t overload the back of the chair with heavy bags.
  • Be aware of people and small pets in your vicinity.
  • Use your positing belt if one is available.
  • Keep a well-balanced seated position when you stretch or bend forward.
  • Practice ramps, slopes, inclines and declines with someone before attempting on your own.
  • Do not try to go up a curb or tip your wheelchair without an attendant.
  • Maintain your wheelchair for optimal safety. Keep it clean and check all the components regularly.

Depending if you are using your own handicap accessible van, planning a trip and require an accessible rental for travel for you and your family, safety should always be a front of mind. Wheelchair in Motion can help make your transpiration needs easy and safe and is a great choice when making your wheelchair transit decisions.

With van rentals available in Mississauga and across the GTA, contact us today to discuss our safe, reliable handicap accessible van rentals and let us help you live an independent life!



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    Katherine Paul on August 22 at 11:16 PM

    This blog is very useful for disabled people for their safety. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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