Easy Travel Tips for Persons with Disabilities

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Quality of life is important for persons with disabilities and their care providers. Travel can be made easier with accessible rentals for travel. Choosing to rent wheelchair accessible vans can be one important area to help create a memorable outing or travel experience in Ontario.

Easy Travel Tips

Caring for Someone in a Wheelchair

Caring for those who require a wheelchair can be demanding on a care provider as well as the person in a wheelchair. Finding solutions to help make travel and mobility easier is very important to access important outings like community events, health and fitness programs and vacation plans. Wheelchair accessible vans can help make short or long trips a breeze for everyone. Accessible travel is becoming more important and more services are being offered to aid people in wheelchairs and their care providers. Accessible van rentals are available from Wheelchair in Motion. We are here to help you reach your destination in the most stress free way possible. Imagine instead of waiting for the right public transportation, being dependent on its schedule, you and your loved ones can step into a rental van that has all the proper equipment you need for a safe and smooth ride? Having visitors and want to show them around? A wheelchair accessible van ensures that the whole family can be together in a comfortable environment for the trip.

Travel Solutions for Those with Mobility Issues

Travel can be made easy by:

  • Planning ahead and then plan some more. Book your accessible rental for travel ahead of time to ensure you have the best transportation available for you.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Involve everyone in the planning, but care providers should be prepared to take the lead.
  • Make sure to contact a transportation service like Wheelchair in Motion who can book you the correct accessible rental for your travel needs.
  • Take time for yourself. This is important for everyone when traveling and especially care providers.

Travel can be a wonderful experience for people in wheelchairs and their care providers. Making it easy and following these few tips can make your next trip the best one yet. Contact Wheelchair in Motion and let us help you make travel easier.

For more information on our wheelchair accessible rental vans, contact us today and tell us your plans. We can help your whole family have a relaxing and enjoyable trip.


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