Get to Your Next Destination Effortlessly with Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

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Planning an outing takes time and attention.  If you have a disability, handicap, physical limitation or mobility limitation, planning that outing requires attention to every detail which can be challenging. To make travel easier, we can make your mobility easier with our wheelchair accessible vans. Wheelchair In Motion can help by providing you with accessible van rentals in many locations in Ontario.

How Does Wheelchair Accessible Transportation Make Traveling with a Disability Easier?

If you use a wheelchair, it is always a good idea to learn as much as you can to make mobility easier.  What resources are available in your area to assist you? If you are traveling, how do you ensure that there is the proper rental vehicle ready for you and your companions? Learning what is needed and who to contact for wheelchair accessible transportation will ensure a smooth ride. We recognize it is important for people in wheelchairs to be able to get to that necessary medical appointment or that eagerly awaited trip. Wheelchair in Motion’s wheelchair accessible rental vans will help you arrive safely and on time.

Tips to Improve Travel Plans for a Person in a Wheelchair

  • Plan your trip and transportation needs well in advance. By booking your wheelchair accessible transportation ahead of time, you will ensure that an appropriate van rental is ready and waiting when you need it. If you know when your doctor appointment is, call and book your accessible van rental the same day.
  • Don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure you ask about any specifics on the vehicle like, tie-downs, ramps or hoists. Check on what van or auto insurance you will require.
  • Make sure to take with you: Medical cards, discount cards, passport, tickets, debit cards, credit cards. If you are taking a trip, keep photocopies in your luggage and at home where someone has access in case you need it.
  • If traveling to another city, do not wait until you get there to book your accessible vacation rentals. Make all your wheelchair accessible transportation arrangements before you leave.

Wheelchair in Motion is here to help make your next trip easier by reducing some of the challenges. By contacting us to help you plan your wheelchair transportation needs, either locally or for a vacation, you are one step closer to having a safe, well-planned transportation for you and any family members.

Call us today and tell us where you need to go and we will provide you with the wheelchair accessible transportation to get you there.


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