Inspirational Stories from Wheelchair Athletes

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When we hear about awe-inspiring sporting achievements, our minds immediately conjure up images of able-bodied athletes with superhuman physical abilities. But think again. Today wheelchair athletes accomplish some of the most daring athletic feats. These amazing individuals prove that physical limitations for wheelchair users exist only in the mind. In today’s world mobility challenges should not stop you from living the life you want.

What Wheelchair Athletes Can Teach Us

“Invest in what you are passionate about – you determine your quality of life.”

Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham is an extreme wheelchair athlete who is known for his unique performances adapted from BMX competitions and skateboarding. In a wheelchair since the age of eight, Aaron did not allow his Spina Bifida stop him from pursuing his dreams and is now a motocross athlete who travels all around the world. Passionate about living life on his terms, Aaron sees his wheelchair as an asset, “People with all abilities can accomplish their goals.”

“Do not put limits on your dreams. If you want it bad enough, you must try.”

Paralympian athlete, Tatyana McFadden has won ten medals in wheelchair racing. Struggling with her physical challenges early in life, she has not taken anything for granted. With a mature mindfulness and gratefulness, her sheer determination to succeed is a testament to the mantra; do not to let any challenge in life stop you from pursuing your dreams.

“Obstacles are meant to be overcome. Anything is possible.”

Josh Cassidy is a Canadian Paralympic Athlete in wheelchair racing whose drive and natural tendency to fight for what he wants enabled him to become a world record breaker at the Boston Marathon in 2012. He continues to push his own limits to become the best athlete possible.

Do Not Let Anything Stand in Your Way

We can learn a lot from these three individuals as well as the hundreds of other wheelchair athletes about perseverance, hope and living a full life. Wheelchair in Motion wants to help you by providing wheelchair accessible van options that can get you to your destination. Persons in wheelchairs should be able to travel and live a fulfilling life. Our van rentals can help you achieve the independence you deserve.

The Life You Want

  • Be passionate – explore the world.
  • Ensure to live a quality life.
  • Do not limit you own mobility.
  • Overcome obstacles by seeking out resources to get where you want to go.

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