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Long term seating for those people who spend extensive periods of time in their wheelchairs should be as comfortable as possible. It is important for them to be able to sit and move around with ease, especially when they are travelling long distances in wheelchair accessible vans or on wheelchair accessible transit. There are many accessories and wheelchair accessible transportation services available that can make wheelchair life more comfortable and convenient.

Some of the below options that can make your ride more comfortable

  • Wheelchair Cushions: A quality cushion provides proper support for a user’s posture and can also help to keep good circulation and respiration.
  • Grade Aids: Devices attached to the wheel locks to prevent the wheelchair from rolling backwards.
  • Accu-Grips: Oversized bright, yellow brake tips providing larger, easier targets for the hands to find when looking for brakes.
  • Frog Legs Castors: These castors can replace the front castor wheels and can improve steering capability.
  • Accessible Vacation Rental Vans: Plan ahead and book your vacation van rental to ensure you have a vehicle that works for you and your family.
  • Transport Wheelchair: A nice option for travel for those who require a wheelchair for shorter periods of time.

Did you know that selecting the right type of cushion is the most important accessory for a wheelchair user? Great care should be taken when selecting the ideal product. A proper cushion should work with a user’s body type and movements.  If you are using wheelchair accessible transportation services on your next outing or road trip, remember your cushion, especially on longer rides.  The cushion should always be placed toward the back of the seat to keep a wheelchair user’s posture straight and provide for a comfortable ride.

Wheelchair in Motion can discuss with you all the options available for rental vans and to make sure you have the most comfortable ride possible. From suggestions on special features to booking your wheelchair accessible van, we are here to help.

With well-thought out features and the most up-to-date wheelchair accessories, it doesn’t matter if you are taking wheelchair accessible transit, have your own vehicle or need to rent a wheelchair accessible van for vacation, Wheelchair in Motion wants to ensure that you know all the features available for a wheelchair user.

With van rentals available across the GTA, The Golden Horseshoe, and the Ottawa region,  contact us today to discuss your wheelchair accessible transportation needs. Let us help you make your next ride, the most comfortable possible.


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