Tips For An Easy, Wheelchair Accessible Summer Trip!

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Planning ahead for summer travel is very important for people who require wheelchair accessible services.

Are you wondering the best places to travel that are wheelchair accessible? Are there wheelchair rentals available at your destination? Is there an adaptive vehicle for hire like a wheelchair accessible van or shuttle bus?

People with accessibility limitations must ask themselves these types of questions. Planning ahead will ensure a well-planned vacation or trip. Wheelchair In Motion is a great starting point not only for fun summer ideas, but we can help you book the right kind of vehicle for your needs. Specializing in adaptive vehicles for hire, booking one of our wheelchair accessible vans will ensure a safe, relaxing trip for you and your travel companions.

Today, there are so many choices and adaptive features available to wheelchair users in all parts of the world. More and more destinations and resorts are providing wheelchair accessible options or wheelchair rentals to help make your trip the best one yet.

The worst feeling is getting to your destination and finding out that no vehicle rentals are available. For people with special transportation needs, this can become a major problem. By booking a rental through Wheelchair In Motion, you will have peace of mind that our wheelchair accessible vans will be waiting for you and your family.

When planning your summer travel this year, choose to visit places that have invested in designated accessible parking spaces for your rental vehicle.  Having a wheelchair accessible van will ensure you can use the designated spaces often in several key locations with nearby easy to access ramps for you and any seniors traveling with you.

Wheelchair transit is an important consideration for people with physical limitations as they plan any trip. When booking resorts, hotels or tours you want to ensure to book places that provide ease of access for you and your family. Having a reliable transportation solution like Wheelchair In Motion booked ahead of time will ensure you have a vehicle available right away. No more waiting in lines, our goal is to get you, any seniors or other family or friends traveling with you to that special destination and help make your vacation a memorable one.

Contact us today to book your wheelchair accessible vans for the summer. With little pre-planning, you will have peace of mind that all of your accessibility needs are met. This can be your best vacation to date! All you have to do is ask the right questions and call Wheelchair In Motion. Safe travels!


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    Katherine Paul on August 17 at 6:01 AM

    This post is very important and useful for the disabled people who need wheelchairs for their summer vacations.

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